Who Are We ?


GammaO was born from the fusion of the textile and electronics worlds, with the ambition to bring innovative solutions to the field of energy management.

GammaO’s expertise lies particularly in the domain of energy harvesting. The goal of its application is to make connected textiles energy self-sufficient.

The realm of smart textiles is rapidly expanding, aiming to integrate electronic functionalities into the core of garments, including monitoring the wearer’s physiological data or incorporating non-passive electronic components such as LEDs, motion sensors, physiological sensors, or GPS sensors.

However, powering these systems is a challenge, usually done through batteries or rigid modules. These energy sources need regular replacement or charging, making it impractical during activities like running or posing an ecological concern if non-rechargeable batteries are used.

Hence, the idea emerged to apply Energy Harvesting technologies to the textile world, making the next generation of connected textiles autonomous.

Today, GammaO’s developments are geared towards serving the running and trail communities.

Pascal WEBER

Founder of GammaO

Textile Engineer, graduated from ITECH in 2000, I began my career with several years in a design office.

I then progressed into leadership roles in industrial management of textile SMEs, taking on responsibilities as Director of Production, Quality, and Research & Development.

In 2018, I shifted my research focus to smart textiles and Energy Harvesting, leading to a patent application in 2019.

In 2020, I pursued financial education at the Lyon School of Management, reinforcing my entrepreneurial aspirations.

Combining my textile expertise with an innovative mindset, I naturally founded GammaO in 2021.

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